Visual Effects

Visual Effects

We engage your audience through ground-breaking visual effect (VFX) experiences that are driven by insight and innovation. Our VFX studio covers the entire post production requirements from conceptual designs, pre-production advice, on-set supervision right through to delivering award winning content, utilizing cutting edge technology and digital delivery formats.

Our expert team handles includes 3D dynamics and effects, particle effects, atmospheric effects, compositing, wire removals, colour corrections, matte cutting, logos & titles, concept design, pre-visualization, look development, on-set supervision, compositing for stereoscopic feature film and TV projects and pretty much anything else you can think of. Our work is about achieving the end goal in the way that best serves each project.

Orange VFX Studios has the versatility to provide high quality visual effects regardless of the size or scope of the project. Whether that’s the solution that matches a tight budget, one that has to be versatile for many situations or one that suits a tight shooting schedule, we work hard to solve each problem with the right solutions.

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