Update to Terms and Conditions


Over the past year, we’ve been working to make sure everything at Orange VFX is professional and well organized. We’ve done everything from improving structure and getting feedback from students, clients and fans. And today, we’re updating our Terms and Conditions of Service. The updated terms go into effect from January 1, 2017.

So what’s different? To begin with, we simplified the language, subtracted lots of legal jargon, and made the terms as straightforward and to-the-point as we could. For the overwhelming majority of projects, it’s pretty simple: we get the motivation we need to keep our team happy to the work we planned first time, on time and every time. But there are exceptions. Sometimes problems come up, projects don’t go according to plan, and people wind up in the dark about what’s supposed to happen next. So we’re spelling it out.

This update reflects the best practices we’ve seen from our other studios around the world to get the best possible outcomes from challenging situations. Incorporating them into these terms is a small but important part of building a healthy, business and creative environment where people work together to bring creative projects to life.

If you have thoughts you’d like to share with us, just get in touch here.

Thank you for choosing Orange!


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