Bespoke Training

No doubt! You have made a great choice. Orange is Nigeria’s leading provider of 3D animation, motion graphics, training and visual effects services.


Our services do not end at creating masterpiece animations, we are  interested in building a community of 3D animation pros. Why should you buy into this? A bespoke training package means you can cover as much ground as possible in a short time, gaining skills for specific tasks and getting focused attention from seasoned professioanls. We are sure you will love this.

The goal of training is to create an impact that lasts beyond the end time of the training itself. The focus is on creating specific action steps and commitments that focus people’s attention on incorporating their new skills and ideas back at work.


Bespoke training is a tailor-made exercise aimed at empowering its participants to become great digital content creators in an organization seeking business success. It aims to instill new ways of creative thinking, as a means to enable high performance of individuals in organizations that are considering growth, using digital content  creation. Acquired skills and knowledge will be used to improve work performance.


Orange VFX provides participating individuals the opportunity to:

  • Know and understand how to create digital contents to achieve the best results using the best industry softwares like Autodesk Maya, cinema 4D, After Effect, Premier Pro, Photoshop and more.
  • Learn a systematic and dynamic approach as well as workflows and industry practices in digital content creation.
  • Build the right philosophy, confidence and adopt an effective solution-based thinking to tackle organizational problems using digital contents.

This training is in modules, designed to suite the individual need of its participants.


Our target audience are those who have an interest in improving individual work performance, and also interested in boosting the organization’s general performance by causing them to be a brand that stands out of pack, using digitally created content for promotions. Prior knowledge of the softwares are not required as we can help you through our SMART learning processes make mastery easy and quick.


We believe that a combination of competency-based learning and case-based face-to-face training will be the perfect mixture to handle the training needs of participants. Through these techniques we hope to provide each participant with a solid foundation of the software, and an in-depth understanding of how they can apply those skills in their everyday work life. Each participant will be scored via a grading system. Each course is divided into modules, designed to suite the individual need of its participants.


Suitably tailored materials will be provided for each course. The methods and resources that will be adopted include:

  • Training Manual for each participant
  • Audience Participation/Hands-on Exercises
  • Assignments
  • Simulations
  • Small Groups & Individual Practice.

We are glad you made Orange your choice. We believe you will have an awesome experience here.

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