Training/Safety Videos


Workplace training is a significant and ongoing expense for most companies. Unfortunately, the majority of employee training is wasted effort. This is somewhat disheartening for companies that spend countless hours and monies designing written training materials for new hires.

Orange VFX Studios has the answer. As a premium training video company we have a deep understanding of the instructional principles required for successful employee training and how to incorporate them into every aspect of training video production. These includes;

  • Construction safety training videos
  • Electrical safety training videos
  • Heavy equipment training videos
  • Industrial training videos
  • Retail & customer service training videos
  • Restaurant training videos
  • Food Safety Training videos

We’re experts in training and safety video production in Nigeria. When you turn to us for safety video production, we’ll help you educate employees about workplace safety standards, learning best practices and preventing dangerous mistakes.

Our safety videos take your message and materials and put them into a visual format that helps people understand jobsite dangers and learn to keep the workplace safe.

Our training videos will incorporate your company culture and history into your training material. Our process of training video production will ensure that your workplace training video is a compelling and engaging tool that will greatly and positively affect the learning experience of your new hires.

Want a Training Video for your Company?

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