Are Internships Worth it? Interns Respond

Internships are a great. They offer you an insight into what the real job will look like. Schools usually allow for their students to take internship positions in companies so that they can gain some experience which would help them as they build their careers.

Orange VFX studios every year accepts interns and offer them the opportunity to learn and build their passion for animation. This year, we had four interns from The Federal University of Technology, Akure. We had them interviewed so that they can share with us their internship experience. This Is what they told us:

Please introduce yourself. Your full name, your school and the course you are studying.


My name is Samuel Daniel. I am studying Computer Science at The Federal University of Technology, Akure, Ondo State.

Adegoke Mary Oreoluwa, I am a student of Federal University Of Technology Akure(FUTA) and I am in Industrial Design Department.

Ariyo Ayodele, I’m a student of THE FEDERAL UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY AKURE (FUTA), I’m studying INDUSTRIAL DESIGN, and I’m in (Graphics Design Section)

I am Ogbodo Timothy. I’m a student of UNN, studying Graphics

Are Internships Worth it? Interns Respond.
Mary Adegoke

How did you find out about the orange VFX internship program?


Mary: I found out about the orange VFX internship program through a colleague of mine, the person is also a Futarian.

Samuel: I found out about Orange VFX Internship Program from a friend in school, who also interned at here in 2017.

AYO: I found out about ORANGE VFX Internship program in the year 2013 to be precise, when a senior colleague was defending her (SIWES) in the department.

TIMOTHY: I got to know of Orange VFX through a guy I know who did his Internship at Orange VFX Studios.

How long is the internship and what was your experience in the studio like?

MARY: The internship is for 6 months, which started in June and ends this December. My experience in the studio has really been great, amazing, encouraging. I have been able to work with great animators, I really desired to have the opportunity of working with animators. I liked the fact that they are always ready to help me the things I find difficult to do without hesitating. It has also been challenging and tasking, there are times you have to meet up with the deadline. The aspect of the internship experience which I like the most is having the opportunity to work on client’s project. I have also been able to learn how to work as a team(teamwork), sharing task such that the workload won’t be on one person. Lastly, I am having a great time at the studio, there are fun moments when we laugh and we joke but we get serious when necessary.

SAMUEL: The internship was for a duration of six months and this period was a fun-filled, but educative one. I got to meet and learn from the best 3D artists in the country, who all helped me find my feet in the 3D field. I was guided by passionate animators, all my questions were duly answered and I was lovingly corrected when I made mistakes. I was also given a chance by the Creative Director, Mr. Richard Oboh, to contribute to projects. I’m really honored to be here.

AYO: The Internship lasted for 6months, and my experience here is Superb. I mean, leaving the University environment and doing practical stuff in the best Animation company in Nigeria has been a great experience and will always be an unforgettable one.

TIMOTHY: It’s a 6mnths program. it was the best experience I’ve had in a while especially working with the CEO

Are Internships worth it? Interns Respond
Samuel Daniel

Did you have any challenges during the internship period? Please can you share the challenges and how did you overcome it?


MARY: The only challenge I faced was with the software I use for animation (Maya), there were times my work would crash and I would have to repeat and start the same work over and over again. I was able to overcome that by using a particular version of Maya for all my works and by also asking question, seeking help from the workers, though it still crashes but not like when I first started

SAMUEL: Challenges? Oh, yes. One big challenge I faced during the period was as a result of my laptop not meeting specifications for the software used here. Though I later got a better computer having dedicated graphics memory, which solved the problem.

TIMOTHY: No challenges.

Were all your expectations for this internship met? Which one wasn’t met and for future records, what can be done to meet such expectations?


MARY: my expectations were met, even beyond what I expected

SAMUEL: All, and more than what I hoped to gain during my internship were met. My knowledge was really broadened, and my skill was strengthened. Orange VFX Studios have really helped a lot. Now, I guess it’s left for me to go build on what I’ve learnt from these six months.

AYO: Yeah, I’ve always been a 2D Artist all my life, I’m used to soft-wares like CorelDraw, Photoshop, Illustrator, just to mention a few. Switching to a 3D software was a challenge at first. In my first two months or so, I couldn’t do anything nice, understanding 3D environment is not easy for me at all. I was able to tackle this problem by watching series of Tutorial videos, and looking at experts in the company while they are working.

TIMOTHY: All my expectations were met completely.

What improvements can you recommend for this animation studio and other studios in the Nigerian animation industry?


MARY: The only improvement I can recommend for this animation studio is to get more powerful systems to hasten rendering. What I have noticed about other studios in Nigeria is that they are not willing to take interns which shouldn’t be so…Interns should be given the privilege to work in any animation company in Nigeria with or without payment.

SAMUEL: To Orange VFX Studios, you guys are doing a great work. You are really impacting lives of youths in this generation in ways you may not understand. Please keep to the quality for which you are well known for.

And to 3D Animation studios in Nigeria, I suggest we form a caucus of Nigerian 3D animators, organize conferences and seminars, to facilitate the growth and improve the quality of 3D Animation in the country. Animation Studios should also join the likes of Orange VFX Studios, in accepting students for internship. I believe this is one of the numerous ways we can help in solving the problems of this country.

AYO: The only Improvement I will recommend for ORANGE VFX is the use of Graphics Tablet and Motion Capture Machines, as these things improves animations and designs generally.

TIMOTHY: This is more like what I desire for Orange VFX- that it would grow to become more than just an animation studio but become a company that will be world wide recognized company that produces the best animations in Nigeria and beyond.

What were your most memorable moments with Orange VFX?


MARY: My most memorable moments at Orange VFX was the day I went to ComicCon’17 at Ikeja with the other animators in the studio. I was opportune to see young talented people, I also met great animators, I saw different art works, different animations both 2D and 3D.

SAMUEL: Nothing gives me joy than learning something new. So, the point in time when I learn something new would be considered memorable for me. Another memorable moment was when we attended the ComiCon ’17 conference with staffs the studio. It was an awesome and unforgettable experience for me.

AYO: My memorable moments, Hmmn!! I’ll always live to remember every single second spent here for good. I can’t forget my first day, I didn’t eat before coming, so I dossed almost throughout. And also, the day we went for COMIC CONVENTION, I saw different artworks and animations of other great artists, Animators & designers in Nigeria; It was indeed an eye opener for me.


Ayodele Ariyo

Will you be willing to come back to work here in the near future?


MARY: Yes, I will be willing to come back to work because it’s a place where I can really develop myself, at this point, I do not think I want to leave anymore. Lol.

SAMUEL: I would be glad and willing to come back to Orange after graduation, to give back to the hands that fed me, whilst producing great contents.

AYO: I will love to work in Orange VFX Studios in future. At the same time, I don’t know what the Future holds.

From these responses we cannot dispute the fact that internships are a great way of helping undergraduates acquire hands-on experience that would enable them launch into a great career. Let us have more interns join us next year so we can build a growing number of great Nigerian animators and build our animation industry.



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