Today is the day of proper introduction. Have you met our special characters- Ovie, Wale and Chichi? These are specially made by Orange for African use. Three characters to represent different ethnic groups in Nigeria (The home zone of Orange VFX) and her characteristics.

Okay, this post is not actually about orange’s characters but about Character licensing. Do you have the slightest idea what that is? Let us share with you 5 things you need to know about character licensing.

A quick explanation of what it actually means: Licensing your character means that you still maintain the rights to that character, but a business has been given limited rights to use it. In most cases the business will pay you to use your design.

  1. Character licensing is not a new trend but it is an efficient medium of marketing. Imagine what effect a great character will have on a brand product. The perfect animated character matched with a brand product can drive sales.
  2. You cannot just use an animated character. You need the permission to do so. This permission is backed by an agreement called “a licensing agreement”.
  3. Three terms you should learn about Character licensing:
    • Licensor: The owner of the animated character being purchased.
    • Licensee: The company purchasing the animated character for use.
    • Licensing agreement: The document that contains the agreement between parties.
  4. The character license granted has a particular time frame attached to it. How long will you want a company/ person to use your character? This element is not left out in the agreement between the parties and it is usually embedded in the Licensing agreement.
  5. If any brand will actually pick an interest in using any character, they should understand the character. It is advisable for animation companies to give the details of their characters, the name, the work and every important detail about the character should be put down (in their website).

These are tidbits you should know about character licensing. I hope you also know that orange can license its characters? If you have created a character and need some guide on how to protect your intellectual property, you can contact us.

As a part of our services, a legal personnel who will take care of the licensing process will be made available for our clients who want their intellectual properties protected.

P.S: Are there  brands interested in using our characters for sales promotions? Find out more Here.

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